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Dealing With Coronavirus

Disinfection services and sanitising services. The recent coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the need for good sanitising practices for a wide range of businesses and public places.  The new strain of the family of viruses that contains the common cold has proven to be effective at spreading from person to person but also via surfaces.

Currently, there are tests taking place to ensure that our fogging system will kill the latest version of the coronavirus.  It has already shown to be twice as effective as bleach at killing germs and bacteria, known as a log 6 kill.  The results of the treatment are effective within only 30 min.

The tests are focused on Formula 429 Plus Antimicrobial, which is safe for humans and animals, working on a nanoscopic level.  We should know within a short time how effective it is against COVID-19, as the virus has been labelled.

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Visibly Stunning Results, Every Time

At Cleaning Contractors Belfast we offer professional sanitising and disinfection services. Our services are available nationwide, with such a specialised service offered it is not unusual for us to travel around the UK to provide our expert support to businesses.

The antimicrobial we use in the process is NHS approved antimicrobial. It is the recent winner of NHS infection control trials through Smart Solutions for Healthcare Acquired Infection Control.

The product is applied onto the area to be sanitised and disinfected with my CE approved Fogging machine as a fine light fog. Fog allows the atomised product to get everywhere and guarantee complete room decontamination.

The area is back in use within 30 minutes of the treatment taking place. The above product applied correctly will kill 99.9999% of bacteria. We also offer single item disinfection; please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

It has been independently tested against the A/H1N1 swine flu virus amongst Mycobacterium, Tuberculosis, MRSA, Medical Waste Treatment, Feline Calicivirus (Human Norovirus surrogate), Feline Coronavirus (SARA surrogate), Enveloped and non-enveloped virus, HIV and C. difficile.

The product is safe to use around humans and has no significant environmental impact. Because it works on a nanoscopic scale, the same level as a virus, it is simply too small to harm people.

The clever system uses four biocides and a polymer backbone which means that it has effects that last for weeks or even months after an application. There are also hydrophobic properties that mean it can work on a surface, whether it is wet or dry.

The fogging process offers a complete way to kill bacteria and viruses, as soon as it contacts with them. Not only that, but it also removes bacteria that lead to foul-smelling odours, something that is particularly an issue in businesses and public places. Professional disinfection services and sanitising services.

Antimicrobial we use:

  • 4 – Biocides
  • 2 – Instant Kill and Residual Efficacy
  • 9 – Nanoscopic Level Activity
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General Sanitising Services

But how do you know that something this small has worked? The results aren’t visible to the naked eye, so how do our customers know that what we have done has had a real benefit?

The answer is called ATP testing. ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is a molecule found in all living things that means it is the perfect way to check if something is clean or not. ATP tests are used in industries such as healthcare and food manufacturers to make certain biofilms are not developing on surfaces and potentially causing problems.

With an ATP test, also known as a hygiene monitoring system, the ATP comes into contact with a special liquid-stable reagent within the device. This creates a light, the stronger the light, the more ATP that is present. Within a few seconds, we can know if the cleaning has removed all potential bacteria and viruses with a simple test.

Top ATP Equipment.

Disinfection services and sanitising services

When it comes to general sanitising services we use a top of the range ATP reacher called Ensure Touch, This is an advanced monitoring system that collects, analyses and reports on the data from several tests that have been recognised for their accuracy to provide verified data.

The EnSURE system is a wireless system that allows us to work anywhere. The ATP tests enable us to check surfaces, water and even high sensitivity areas for allergen prevention. The one we use most is called the UltraSnap Surface ATP test. This is a pen-sized sample collection device that is environmentally friendly, small and quick to use.

The UltraSnap collects the data and the EnSURE device analyses it to allow us to show customers that the fogging process has removed threats that the eye cannot see. We take a test before cleaning and afterwards so that customers see the changes that have taken place as part of the cleaning process.

Why Fogging is The Best Option

For most of us, wiping over surfaces and using anti-bacterial sprays is a part of life and a reasonable step taken to protect against viruses and bacteria. But there are times when this simply isn’t enough, especially for businesses and those operating public places, healthcare facilities or education establishments.

Tests show that traditional wiping of surfaces only clears around 11% of bacteria and viruses, according to the British Medical Journal. In fact, the system can even end up spreading the germs because they attach to the cloth and then are wiped onto clean surfaces. Not only that, but there are many hard to reach spots that regular cleaning cannot reach.

Another reason that this equipment is an industry-leader is that it allows for easy testing across multiple facilities or areas and easily configures the data into reports. It provides us with a dashboard to view the data, and this allows us to quickly give customers an overview of the results and the impact the cleaning has had.

Where Can Be Sanitised?

There is a vast range of places and equipment that can benefit from fogging, both for commercial properties and domestic ones.

Commercial Customers

Commercial premises such as care homes, rental properties, hotels, nurseries, offices, schools, public transportation (trains, buses, aircraft) can all benefit from fogging. Restaurants and kids’ play areas are always at high risk of being contaminated by bacteria. Along with disease-causing microbes (pathogens, germs or bugs) which are responsible for causing infectious diseases.

Then there are the needs of specialist industries. One example is the healthcare industry. Here, methods to clean and sanitise surfaces have long been in place and have good effectiveness.

However, there is always a risk of microbial contamination that can occur, leading to infection of personnel and patients. The use of ATP tests after the fogging can ensure that this doesn’t happen. The system is even effective for surgery theatres and operating rooms, where patients are at their most vulnerable to infection.

Our fogger is a large model that means we can also help with cleaning and sanitising even the largest spaces. In the past, we have worked on areas such as airports and cruise ships with large, open spaces. These can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and regular cleaning at a microbial level is crucial in fighting these problems.

We can sanitise and disinfect your premises for you regularly or as a one-off service. We will provide you with a certificate saying that the premises have been treated with NHS approved antimicrobial.

Domestic Customers

For domestic customers, the demand isn’t to the scale with commercial customers, but there are still plenty of ways our service can help.

For example, if you buy anything second hand, you should always consider having it sanitised. Kitchen appliances and storage units, bedroom furniture or even bathroom fittings can all be cleaned, even if they are new. That’s because items may have been sitting in storage for some time and bacteria will use any opportunity to grow.

If you are moving into a new home or want to have your house cleaned to a different level, our service will help. It can sanitise everything from the rooms of the house, the car or even outbuildings and allows you to rest safe with cleaning to a level accepted by the NHS.

What The Locals Are Saying

fantastic job done today on my stair carpet it looks like new.. fast efficient and very pleasant.. would definitely recommend this company
Norma Clarke
Norma C.
15:46 29 Dec 20
Efficient & pleasant service!
Elaine Clarke
Elaine C.
14:52 28 Nov 20
Very professional, no fuss or mess, straight to work. Had our corner suite and armchair cleaned, job completed in under 1 hour, turned out very clean and fresh, excellent.I would definitely recommend.
Coffeeman Blend
Coffeeman B.
23:08 17 Nov 20
Delighted with this Excellent service. Professional, prompt friendly have left two suites of furniture 10 year old like new again.
Lynda Shields
Lynda S.
12:24 14 Nov 20
Brilliant service fast and efficient
Michal Piotrowski
Michal P.
17:29 01 Nov 20
Fast, efficient, friendly service. No fuss and good value for money.
Selena Armstrong
Selena A.
09:14 24 Oct 20
Wonderful service provided
Patrick Norwood
Patrick N.
10:51 18 Oct 20
Really helpful, fast and efficient.
Caoimhe Garland
Caoimhe G.
17:01 05 Oct 20
Brilliant service, lovely staff Extremely pleased
Lyndsay Glenn
Lyndsay G.
17:39 02 Sep 20
Just had these guys out to clean my stairs and landing carpet brilliant job and looks and smells so fresh definitely use them again
Moya Sloan
Moya S.
12:54 18 Aug 20
Very happy with my carpet clean. Fast, professional service by such lovely people. my carpet looks like new! 5☆
Aimée Carson
Aimée C.
22:07 13 Aug 20
Got my 2 2 seater leather sofas cleaned by Sebastian, I wonderful job what a difference cleaned n moisturised, has renewed the colour of the leather. Competitively priced.I would wholeheartedly recommend this company.Thank you Jacqueline.
Jacqueline Launchbury
Jacqueline L.
07:41 23 Jul 20
Got my upstairs bedrooms, landing and stairs done today and came out like a bran new carpet. Sebastian was really nice and social distancing was adhered to all times. would definitely recommend Cleaning Contractors NI
Candice Shannon
Candice S.
17:39 13 Jul 20
Excellent service. Punctual. Polite. Delighted with workmanship. Highly recommend
Lesley Hunter
Lesley H.
14:43 08 Jul 20
Fast, clean and very efficient! Fab job. Sofa has came up like new!!
Arlene McKay
Arlene M.
20:26 24 Jun 20
The BEST ive ever seen excellent service
John Mcilreavy
John M.
22:56 26 May 20
Best service. Hard working staff always doing extra mile. Thank you!
Ewelina Zawada
Ewelina Z.
23:14 22 Apr 20
Very professional and reliable service. No hesitation in recommending this company
Katheryn Coates
Katheryn C.
15:38 31 Jan 20
Excellent service. Nothing is too much trouble. If you want a professional service I’d choose this company every time
Gemma Butcher
Gemma B.
11:44 24 Jan 20
Had our hall tiles cleaned. Excellent service and the tiles now look like new again. Would definitely recommend this company 5* plus treatment.
Noreen Nixon
Noreen N.
20:27 17 Dec 19
Brilliant work done today on stair and landing carpet including scotchguard to protect 5 star work highly recommended.
Margaret Mary Mallon
Margaret Mary M.
16:09 06 Dec 19
Everything! Happy with my floor... Like new again! 5*****
Scott McLelland
Scott M.
12:47 23 Nov 19
Very pleased! I highly recommend, 5 stars ⭐️ Thank you very much!!
Shevron Hanna
Shevron H.
12:19 15 Nov 19
everything, the couple who throughly cleaned my carpet, were friendly, professional, worked brilliantly together as husband,wife.. ,it looks brand new!! it has been on my bucket list for a good while and I came across them on Google, iv a large living room n was only charged, 60 pounds, it smells so fresh. I'm delighted, I highly recommend this carpet cleaning company !!, 5 *****
Sarah Porter
Sarah P.
13:36 12 Nov 19
Just had Sebastian out to do my kitchen floor and rugs couldn't recommend them enough , explained everything that was going to be done the after care needed to keep the floor looking it's best for longer .. very neat and tidy no mess will definitely have them back top 5 * .. great job
Glass Belinda
Glass B.
14:12 22 Oct 19
Prompt professional and friendly Sebastian and his team were excellent the carpets look brand new after they had finished. Five stars is not enough highly recommended and will use again
Rita Mhach
Rita M.
14:52 18 Oct 19
Amazing job cleaning our windows today !! Will defo order again. Many thanks.
Natasha Kirke
Natasha K.
16:33 25 Sep 19
I had my sofas and chair cleaned today, very fast and reliable service. Both were very polite and the job they done was excellent. I’m very happy with the service my furniture looks like new again, thank you so much! Will definitely use this service again.
Ashleigh Ferguson
Ashleigh F.
13:52 24 Sep 19
Fairly priced, excellent service. My carpet looks brilliant after cleaning
Krzysztof Mazanka
Krzysztof M.
04:58 19 Sep 19
Sebastian was here this morning & cleaned the carpets in the house, I am delighted with his work my carpets look like new & smell so fresh & clean. I would give cleaning contractors 5 stars & will definitely use them again
Briege Blair
Briege B.
15:18 11 Sep 19
Thank you so much really recommend everyone to get this done!! Really fast also 🙌🏻
Donna Ryan
Donna R.
15:12 15 Aug 19
5 stars definitely for this company! Sebastian and team were punctual, efficient, thorough, pleasant,gave good advice and did an all round excellent job! He did 3 sofas, 3 armchairs and 2 rugs and I'm delighted with the result and would have no hesitation in recommending this company! Thank you Sebastian--I will definitely see you again!
Denise Tan
Denise T.
17:43 14 Aug 19
just had my parents suite cleaned and we couldn't be happier! EXCELLENT result. Sebastian arrived on time was very courteous and helpful. Suite is like new and great aftercare advice given. Would highly recommend and will definitely use this company again.
Catherine Mcintyre
Catherine M.
21:47 31 Jul 19
Couldnt be happier with the way the carpets were cleaned. They were done in next to no time and the results were perfect. Thanks so much again!
Tiffany Faulkner
Tiffany F.
15:17 31 Jul 19
I recently had my leather suite cleaned by Cleaning contractors NI and I must say a first class service, I couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend.
Deirdre Doyle
Deirdre D.
12:40 25 Jul 19
Fantastic service, very efficient and helpful. Carpets look and smell fantastic now. Would highly recommend 😀
Denise McCrudden
Denise M.
17:28 18 Jul 19
very good and professional company
Waldemar Kołdej
Waldemar K.
17:44 05 Jul 19
Puncual, realiable, very good
Zuzanna Kołdej
Zuzanna K.
17:40 05 Jul 19
Leather furniture cleaned this morning.Brilliant job, would recommend very highly.And the prices are amazing. Will be using this service again in the near future for my tiles and wood floor *****Very happy customer.
Margaret Legg
Margaret L.
11:15 08 Mar 19
Absolutely brilliant service. I definitely recommend this company
Marek Górski
Marek G.
17:03 29 Jan 19
Had our hall stairs landing, living room sofa, chairs & rug cleaned today. Had put down a cream carpet a few years ago and it was getting really grubby looking, nothing I did seemed to make it better so i had kinda gave up. It now looks like new and the house smells so clean! Quality machinery, top quality job! Planning on getting the bedrooms and mattresses done after Christmas! Really pleased!
Sharon Gault
Sharon G.
15:26 12 Dec 18
One of the best services I have. I can recommend to anyone.
Adam Taylor
Adam T.
10:41 13 May 18
With three small children and five dogs in our extended family, a cream colour scheme was perhaps a mistake. In fact I had almost forgotten the original shade of our suites and dining chairs until Cleaning Contractors NI went to work on them. A few hours of their professional expertise and the furniture and floors were like new. I can’t praise them enough. Their attention to detail is superb and I’m delighted that I chose to engage them for the job. The house even smells divine!
Barbara Dempsey
Barbara D.
19:17 10 May 18
Another first class job again from the team many thanks
Davy Crawford
Davy C.
10:43 10 Apr 18
The best choice 🙂
Ania Czakis
Ania C.
11:41 01 Apr 18
The most reliable service I’ve ever had. I’m sticking with this wonderful company, and so should anyone else who reads this. You WON’T be disappointed!!
Betsy Turmelle
Betsy T.
20:29 27 Oct 17
Great company and very friendly . Attention to detail and a great job carried out . Carried out s few extras for free
David Kemp
David K.
17:02 27 Apr 17
Highly recommended in all aspects of cleaning, domestic or commercial.
Bann Valley
Bann V.
13:53 28 May 14
Very happy with results and will get again.
Michael Mashup
Michael Mashup
11:29 07 Dec 20
Had a great cleaning experience, cleaner was professional and on time. As for my sofa, I was going to throw it out and it has come up looking like new. Great company and very accommodating. House looks great!!
Deborah Shaw
Deborah Shaw
13:34 14 Oct 20
Had a couple of carpets cleaned this morning. Really happy with the job done, carpets are like new again!
Damian Mazur
Damian Mazur
14:53 10 Oct 20
Excellent service, great results. Reliable, trustworthy and a gentleman to deal with. Highly recommend.
Caroline OBrien
Caroline OBrien
14:22 23 Aug 20
Super service, very professional and friendly. Carpet great after cleaning. Will use again and recommend.
Ros B
Ros B
12:59 22 Aug 20
Great professional service. Left my bands rehearsal space absolutely spotless which was no easy task as birds somehow got in over lockdown and destroyed the place! 10/10!
James Curran
James Curran
21:10 19 Aug 20
Very happy with our service from Cleaning Contractors NI. Quick response to request for costings, they worked around our office hours to limit impact on services and arrived exactly when they said they would. I would be happy to use them again.
Sharon Burnett
Sharon Burnett
16:04 16 Jul 20
great people and business from my experience great value ,professional and friendly lovely staff all while getting the job done to perfection highly recommend
Kagan Urs
Kagan Urs
20:24 26 Jun 20
Great job! Would recommend and will be getting again👍👍👍👍👍
casey curley
casey curley
16:50 17 Jun 20
Really excellent service
Alison Dean
Alison Dean
17:58 30 May 20
Excellent service. Will definitely use again
Maura O'Leary
Maura O'Leary
20:54 21 May 20
Really professional and great service. Did wonders on the sofa.
Shane Sweeney
Shane Sweeney
21:00 20 May 20
Very prompt, professional and friendly service. I requested a carpet clean after my cat peed on it and Sebastian arrived within the hour. Carpet smelling fabulous - no trace of cat pee. Cleaning samples were given to me. Great quality service and value for money-would recommend.
Candace Athanasiou
Candace Athanasiou
15:57 27 Apr 20
Overall good service quick delivery. Thank you.
Viola Satkova Vavrusova
Viola Satkova Vavrusova
11:43 29 Feb 20
Just to thank Sebastian from cleaning contractors NI for cleaning carpet a job well done will recommend him 5stars
jack cupples
jack cupples
17:08 24 Feb 20
Sofa and chairs cleaned today. Great job and very quick and efficient
Melissa Smyth
Melissa Smyth
18:04 22 Feb 20
I done a renovation clean for a company however I was unable to do anything with several of the tile floors as I do not have any expertise in this area. I had been in touch with Sebastian before for advice on carpet cleaning etc. I asked him to help me out with this tile floor issue and he was excellent. He got the client in at short notice and totally transformed the tiles. I speak for myself and for the client when I say I would highly recommend Cleaning contractors NI for there professionalism and expertise in this area. Excellent job all round.
Sam Davies
Sam Davies
20:21 03 Feb 20
Friendly and Reliable Service. Totally Transformed my carpets. Would highly recommend.
Lydia stevenson
Lydia stevenson
20:16 28 Jan 20
Very professional but friendly team. High standard of work, would definitely recommend
Gemma Butcher
Gemma Butcher
12:05 24 Jan 20
Needed a 3 seater sofa cleaned at late notice prior to Christmas. Very accommodating and fantastic service.
Owen Peden
Owen Peden
11:59 23 Dec 19
We have a good quality suite that had become grubby over 12 years and we wanted it refreshed. Sebastian responded quickly to our booking and, within a couple of hours, the work was finished. A few hours to dry and it looks like new. The price was highly affordable and we look forward to a long term relationship with our new old suite.
Alan Murray
Alan Murray
15:19 05 Dec 19
Booked Sebastian to clean my 20 year old stair and landing carpet. Results were fantastic. Looks and smells fresh. So pleased that I made a booking to have a mattress cleaned. Again brilliant results. Sebastian was great to deal with and I would highly recommend his services.
Sonya Fleming
Sonya Fleming
11:16 05 Dec 19
Sebastián at Causeway Cleaning was great to deal with and the quality of the cleaning was outstanding. Will be using again.
Colin Pascoe
Colin Pascoe
16:00 29 Nov 19
10/10 for Sebastian and co! Left the carpets smelling fresh and clean. Would definitely recommend. Was able to come the day after I messaged him and for an excellent price. Very lovely and friendly people too. Extremely accommodating.
Holly Devine
Holly Devine
12:15 28 Nov 19
Great service... Love my new floor.. Highly recommended
Sam Mclelland
Sam Mclelland
12:48 23 Nov 19
1st class professional service. Highly recommended as they provided us with a builders clean & floor polishing service after revamp for a new pizza takeaway business. The results were amazing & left the premises clean, fresh & like new. Many thanks to this great team.
Raymond McPeake
Raymond McPeake
22:38 13 Nov 19
Fantastic workmanship. Bought a second hand fauz leather sofa and it was in desperate need of a clean. Gave Sabastian a call and he came out and cleaned it. It's now like a new sofa. Thank you soo much. Very friendly professional service. Would deffinatly recommend. Keep up the good work guys
Nathan Smyth
Nathan Smyth
20:26 04 Nov 19
Fantastic cleaning of my sofas; they look like new. Prompt and professional service as alwaysThanks again Sabastian
Davina Gray
Davina Gray
12:29 30 Oct 19
Just got the carpet on the stairs and landings cleaned by Sebastian. Delighted with the outcome and the super service provided. Will definitely use them again and would highly recommend to bring your carpets back to life.Thank you. 👍
Jack Buick
Jack Buick
13:50 26 Oct 19
Would happily recommend. I received an efficient and professional service. Our carpets look brand new and I am a very happy customer.
Lisa McAleer
Lisa McAleer
11:17 23 Oct 19
Just had Sebastian out from the company to do my kitchen floors and rugs highly recommend him great service from talking to me about what was happening and the after care needed for the floor to last longer very clean and tidy service x
Belinda Glass
Belinda Glass
14:16 22 Oct 19
Great service , very professional.
Justyna Rynkowska
Justyna Rynkowska
17:56 20 Oct 19
Very polite people, came on time, did the job quickly, nothing to complain.
Georges Mora
Georges Mora
11:21 26 Sep 19
Prompt and efficient service , an excellent job , carpets like new.
John Cunningham
John Cunningham
15:28 24 Sep 19
Filthy sofa, Sebastian got it like new. Worked so hard. Definitely get him back for carpets.Really recommend this great service .Geraldine.
geraldine shuttleworth
geraldine shuttleworth
16:22 09 Sep 19

Disinfection Services and Sanitising Services

By opting for a more comprehensive system, you can ensure that the property is clean to a nanoscopic level and have the test results to prove it. These results are provided to you as records to show proof that you are working on dealing with this common problem most comprehensively.

We offer a range of options for homes and businesses, including regular cleaning or standalone sessions depending on your needs. All sessions come with relevant paperwork for your records. We provide before and after testing certificates to ensure viruses and bacteria are gone. Disinfection services and sanitising services.

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